The Global Rep. has a vast and ever-growing network of relationships based on loyalty, confidence, commitment, and trust. Our sales activities are far-reaching and productive and focused on building of business, generating bookings, and retaining market share, whether it is face-to-face inspiration or exhibiting at prominent trade shows on behalf of our customers.

  • Partner selection & appointment

  • Dedicated account management

  • Quality Sales calling

  • Price negotiation and contracting

  • Distribution and product training

  • Trade show representation

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Business Team


The Global Rep. excels at ensuring our clients stand out from the crowd through effective collaborations and partnerships, building their brand, delivering their messages, and their unique products to the right audience, every time. Tapping into our unparalleled network, we can craft an effective tailor-made marketing strategy that pairs our clients with the most influential audiences in the region.

  • Partnerships with Key organizations / Audience

  • Dedicated Marketing campaigns to Partners, Consumers & Media

  • Implementation of cross-marketing partnerships

  • Benchmarking and competition analysis

  • Integrated communications strategy


Through a combination of strategic and tactical methods, we create an integrated and comprehensive sales and marketing plan to maximize revenue potential within new or existing markets, keeping clients’ specific goals in mind.

  • Sales Strategy Review and Implementation

  • Business Assessments and Audits

  • Positioning and Repositioning of Products

  • Marketing assessment 

  • Identification and screening of Potential Partner / Investors

  • Due Diligence and transaction closure

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